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Cherry Blossom, Byobu Style
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Cinema-Style Photography

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About Karl Neubert


Welcome to the world of my cinema-style photography! With a passion for emotional storytelling, I've been based since 1993 in Japan, where I have the honor of being a member of the Film Directors' Guild (DGJ). Additionally, I proudly serve as an Associate Professor for Film and Media Arts at Temple University Japan Campus, sharing my knowledge and inspiring the next generation of filmmakers and media professionals.

My artistic journey is filled with distinctive achievements. "The Turns of the Wheel" (1997), my debut experimental short film, won a Gold Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival, along with several other international awards. I then ventured into documentary filmmaking, co-directing and producing the feature "sur|FACE - 14 Contemporary Japanese Architects" (2000), which received nationwide recognition in Japanese cinemas and on DVD. Japanese television audiences may also remember my romantic comedy series "Myunhen Yori Ai Wo Komete" ("From Munich with Love"), which I wrote and co-produced and aired on NHK Educational TV from 2001 to 2003.

In addition to my personal projects, I've had the privilege of working on over 100 film and TV productions. Notably, I've collaborated extensively with German film director Doris Dörrie on all of her Japan-related projects. I've also had the pleasure of working with other notable directors, such as Edgar Honetschläger, Thomas Lucas, Peter Spirer, Peter Friedman, and Riichiro Mashima, contributing my expertise to their distinct visions. I've also supervised translations of film and theater scripts and subtitles in English, Japanese and German, and been co-organizing various film festivals, fostering a vibrant cinematic community.

While my focus recently has shifted towards teaching film production and media literacy, I'm thrilled to be reigniting my passion for photography, which has always held a special place in my heart. My personal visual style favors natural settings and their authentic beauty. Each shot I capture reflects my passion and deep understanding of vintage lenses, and cinematography.

If you're seeking a photographer who can turn you or your place into beautiful art with cinematic pathos, I invite you to connect with me! Together we can build our own unparalleled world!

Disclaimer: Please note that the pictures and descriptions showcased here represent my work as a creative individual and do not represent or reflect the views of Temple University, Japan Campus, or Temple University.










Still Lives

Still Lives





Cinema & TV

Feature Film

Cherry Blossoms and Demons (2019)

My latest collaboration with German director Doris Dörrie. One more time I had the chance to work as her First Assistant Director before we got hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. This film is the sequel of "Cherry Blossoms", a romantic but sad love story with a ghostly twist. [The YouTube video represents a teaser for the Vancouver International Film Festival.]

Feature Film

Fukushima Mon Amour (2016)

Another one of my collaborations with German director Doris Dörrie. I was her First Assistant Director on this bitter-sweet comedy film about two very different women. Starring Rosalie Thomass and Kaori Momoi.
This film was commemorating the fifth year since the Triple Disaster, and shot on original locations with the people of Fukushima. Five years prior to the movie's making, we actually were preparing for a completely different film following the travel route of Matsuo Basho, but our locations and plans were crushed by the disaster... [The YouTube video represents the official trailer for this film.]

Documentary Feature

MINI. 50 Years: Wheels On Each Corner (2009)

Documentary feature film about the cult car celebrating its 50th anniversary. I was the Line Producer of the Japanese scenes. Directed by Manuel Werner. [The YouTube video represents a short version of this film.]

Documentary Feature

MANA Beyond Belief (2004)

I was the line producer for the Japanese sequences of this beautifully shot documentary about world-wide power objects of human worship. Again, this was done with a very small team, and bone-hard work. Directed by Roger Manley and Student Academy Award© winner Peter Friedman. {The YouTube video represents a version of the whole film.]


Documentary Feature

sur | FACE: 14 Contemporary Japanese Architects (2001)

Together with journalist and photographer Roland Hagenberg I produced and directed this feature-length documentary film on 14 contemporary star-architects from Japan. I was also the DOP, and we were just a team of three: Hagenberg conducted the interviews, Jim Coenen recorded the audio, and I was the DOP. The film features Tadao Ando, Jun Aoki, Shigeru Ban, Hiroshi Hara, Itsuko Hasegawa, Arata Isozaki, Toyo Ito, Kengo Kuma, Kisho Kurokawa, Fumihiko Maki, Hiroshi Naito, Kazuyo Sejima & Ryue Nishizawa, Kenzo Tange Associates and Yoshio Taniguchi. In the history of documentary film making this production was a novelty, because of celebrities like the above being usually too busy as to collaborate on a project like this - or they shy away because of the fierce competition among each other. Despite of the very limited budget of only US $ 28.000 we accompanied the architects throughout Japan - a country which is known for its filming restrictions. Despite all the hurdles, we were able to interview the architects in their favorite buildings. [Because of copyrights, there is currently no video available for this film, but this is the cover of the DVD!]

Screenshot 2023-01-15 155132-2.jpg

Comedy Series

Myunhen Yori Ai Wo Komete (2001-03)

I was the writer and associate producer of this  40-part-long comedy series for Japanese National Television Educational TV and even shot some sequences like a part of the car chase. A kind of a parody on James Bond films without spies was a very unique concept for an educational program, and I think it has not been done before or ever again. [Unfortunately, there is currently no video available.]

Documentary Series

Beyond Human (2000)

Among the many TV productions I have been involved in, I am still proud to be the line producer of this cutting edge documentary special about the development of humanoids produced for PBS. It also was one of the last shootings I partook which was shot on 16mm film. [The YouTube video represents the first clip of a playlist if you like to see more.]

Feature Film

Enlightenment Guaranteed (1999)

My first collaboration with German film director Doris Dörrie back in 1999! As her line producer in Japan I was in charge of locations, logistics, communication and Japanese talent, among many tasks. Most of the scenes were shot with a small team of eight, which included the director, the two actors and myself.

Experimental Short Film

The Turns of the Wheel (1995)

This is my award-winning debut. The film captures the spirit of 'renku', Japanese chain poetry, in the form of modern images and sounds. The chain in this film consists of 18 movie vignettes. Each of them has its own life. They were first created on a storyboard like scenes in a film, but are sequenced in the particular order, along the rules and the rhythm of 'renku' poetry.
I wanted to reveal characteristics of human nature by juxtaposing these vignettes. Current social issues are expressed, such as generation gaps between parents and children shown in the ‘Retrospection’ sequence; sexual problems like harassment often seen in the workplace in ‘Servitude’; impotence or emasculation either caused by social or environmental deterioration in ‘Ascent’; and inequality in gender roles in the ‘Corruption’ sequence. The vignettes also refer to other controversies - religion, human recklessness and even love - all subtly exposed through images, symbols and sounds.

Cinema & TV


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Thank you for checking me out!

PLEASE NOTICE: Currently, my main interest is in photo projects or collaborations.

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